BM Web Design, Renton, WA                                           Sept 2009 – Present


·     Develop custom websites & graphics in ASP.NET, HTML, Flash.

  • Develop graphics packages using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash.
  • Work with clients to develop branding both online and off.
  • Implement marketing to produce sales and awareness.
  • Design print marketing materials.

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Fidelity (FNF), Renton, WA                                                            Sept 2003 – Aug 2009

Software Developer/Project Manager

·         Managed all projects for multiple brands and created original identities for clients.

·         Coded and supervised the complete development of all regional projects from start to finish.

·         Developed robust property information application to automate entire property-farming process, using TSQL on a SQL Server back-end with VB.NET front-end. Also, used some MS Access database scripting and C# for calculations and number crunching.

·         Daily coding in C++, C#, VB, Flash, ActionScript, JavaScript for product enhancements involving Web services, Windows Services, tSQL, COM and ASPX.

·         Develop proprietary websites & graphics in ASP.NET, HTML, Flash.

·         Duties included operation, maintenance, and further design enhancements to a team-wide automated home-buying system and run standard build and test suites for correctness verification before allowing code to merge with mainline branches. System composed of JavaScript, HTML, tSQL, and command line BAT/CMD files, with migration to C#/ASP/VB .NET.

  • Augmented and maintained the Visual Studio .NET environment logging system to track and profile usage patterns for behavioral analysis and data mining (C++, tSQL, ASP.NET, COM).
  • Designed and implemented user feedback mechanism from within Visual Studio .NET for enhanced usability (C#, VB, Win32, COM, GUI work). 

  • Developed an online version of property information application in VB.NET that leveraged raw data for consumption by previously designed applications and future versions of the website. Back end data was stored and accessed with SQL (C#, VB, ASP .NET, SQL).
  • Designed and implemented a team-wide exception logging system in VB (VB, .NET Framework).
  • Designed and implemented automated reporting system to aid Customer Service in turnaround time and increase the basic quality of daily tasks (C#, VB, Access, tools in WinForms, SQL, .NET Framework).
  • Designed a fully automated invoicing system the worked in conjunction with both the regional website and home-buying application. Also maintained connectivity with outside vendors. Backend data stored in SQL. (VB, C#, ASP .NET, Microsoft Access, WinForms, SQL)





SummerTech, Ohio                                                                                  Summer 2003

Academic Director

Supervised the staff of teachers to insure correct material was taught… Instructed beginning and intermediate C++ and Visual Basic courses… created timelines, course curriculum and outlines/manuals… set up weekly schedules and duty rosters for staff… head supervisor for overnight and weekend-stay youth… set up and monitored gaming tournaments.


Microsoft, Redmond, WA                                                                              Summer 1997

Project Manager Assistant

Had to be highly skilled at multitasking…performed competitive analyses…designed technical feature specifications…worked with the software development team to prioritize features and strategize future releases…coordinated technical teams, marketing groups, customers, and usability specialists…set up and maintained usability specialists’ workstations.


Microsoft, Redmond, WA                                                                              Summer 1996

Software Test Engineer

Became an expert using Publisher ’98…designed, developed, and implemented test cases bringing real and potential problems to light…troubleshot bugs and interacted with the developers, product support engineers, and program manager to ensure the product worked as smooth as possible.





Bachelor of Science, Computer Science                                                    June 2003

Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA