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Aug 5

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8/5/2010 7:39 AM 

Data integration is an important part of the mix in master data management and in establishing a unified, accessible database that yields actionable intelligence. As such, it's essential that you stay up-to-date on the latest innovations in the field-and we'd like to share a few resources that will help you.

1. Crossing the Chasm Between IT and Business Teams with New Approaches to Business Intelligence
Shifts in perceptions of what business intelligence was meant to be are causing a widening gap between IT and the business owner. This has caused delivery of BI to become overly complex and the IT department to become undervalued; highly skilled workers are frustrated in low-level reporting and measurement roles, while the business-standing apart-can't access and analyze information fast enough to make strategic decisions. This white paper explains a new way of thinking to make BI faster and more valuable.

2. Real-Time Data Integration for Data Warehousing and Operational Business Intelligence
Companies are investing significant resources to integrate valuable information from their data warehouses into their day-to-day operations, which allows them to optimize business performance in real time. However, this requires real-time data. This white paper describes the benefits of real-time data warehousing and describes some of the common data integration approaches.

3. The Top 10 Reasons for Choosing Open Source Data Integration
To help you evaluate various solutions and technologies available on the market, and to compare open source data integration technology with alternatives, this white paper presents the top 10 reasons organizations are choosing open source for their data integration needs.

We hope you find these resources valuable, as thousands of others already have.
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