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Oct 8

Written by: BM Web Design
10/8/2010 7:38 AM 


BoatMoney Web Design Unveils Plans to Include Social Media Marketing to its Already Effective SEO Package.

Now you can have your site ranked in the top 10 in all the major search engines in HALF THE TIME!  Social Media Marketing is how.  We at BoatMoney Web Design already guarantee you a first page ranking in less than four months... how about now we guarantee your site will be on the first page in two!! 

BoatMoney Web Design is combining Social Media Marketing with Search Engine Optimization... this means up to triple the amount of normal traffic to your site.  Add this with the effects and techniques already employed by our Search Engine Optimization package... this means the search engines are forced to pay 3 times more attention to your site than they normally would.  Bottom line, your site ranks higher, faster!


How it works

Picture this, let's say there are 10 companies already included in BoatMoney Web Designs Social Media Network. Each of these 10 companies have 200 people following their company on Twitter, 200 friends on Facebook, 200 MySpace friends, and so forth and so on. So easily, each company could have over 1,000 potential customers or clients they are connected to through the Social Media Network. And since each company is connected to each other through BoatMoney Web Design's Network, each company, therefore has 10,000 potential customers/clients they can market to, keep updated on events, promote specials to, etc. Of course there will be some overlap, but regardless, when your company is added to the mix, you immediately have over 10,000 customers and/or clients that you can market to!

Pretty sweet huh. Now imagine when the network bolsters over 100 companies, or 500+ companies! And over time, it will. Your company may never have to pay for advertising again!