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Dec 18

Written by: BM Web Design
12/18/2010 11:54 AM 

Business Card Graphics Design I always come up with great ideas for graphics design.  Sometimes its a bit overboard and I have to scale it back a bit.  This time I came up with an idea for the ladies of Jael to put a holographic image behind the main content of a business card.  Sweet!  If only I could get the right mix of style and presentation. The card originally contained many more elements that I dropped off for the sake of presentation.  The final product is what you see here.  I've exaggerated the hologram for all monitors to be able to pick it up. Brilliant!


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Re: Hologram Business Cards for the Ladies of Jael

Coool! I didn't know you put us as part of your blog!!

By Erinn on   4/9/2011 7:38 AM