Have you ever wanted to take online payments through your website but were derailed by the payment processing fees?? 3%... 5%... sometimes up to 15% you have to pay in order to take online payments from your customers through your website. Absolutely killing your bottom line. Well not anymore. Today, BoatMoney Web Design announced its partnership with reputable online payment brokering company, Robbins & Associates. Robbins & Associates have been in business for the past 5 years, with its employees amassing an incredible 25 years of experience in the business, bringing its clients rates as low as 1.39%!! Robbins & Associates is basically a broker that deals with payment processors so you can spend time on more important things... like running your business. The same way mortgage companies are brokers that deal with financial institutions to bring you the lowest interest rate on your mortgage -- Robbins & Associates is in constant contact with up to 10 different online payment processing companies to achieve...

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The PlanTrak Business Development site is complete. The site utilized the DotNetNuke CMS framework and enables administrators to edit site content, thereby reducing ongoing site maintenance costs. Additional features include a fully managable blog that can be updated by PlanTrak admins.

Seattle Website DesignThe Big Ocean Painting Site-Design Hits With A Splash! Featuring a Flash non-interactive homepage with rotating content, the Big Ocean Painting site was a definate hit among previewers. The sites corporate, yet sleek look and feel caught the eye of many that checked it out. The Flash-based photos page - or project center - definately brings the value of this website up a few tax brackets... as does an exterior house painting by Big Ocean Painting. ;-)

Anjell's Beauty Salon Site Goes Live. The site features a front page that includes rotating content developed in Flash. Talks have already begun focusing on the display of pictures in the Transformations area. Also talks of making the home page more interactive with respect to the Flash module.Seattle Website Design

Seattle Website DesignBoatMoney Web Design Launches New Site for Starling Health Services. This beautiful, 12-layer design jumps off the page for an attractive attention getter that is sure to grab the eye of potential Starling clients everywhere. Starling Health Services