Author: BM Web Design Created: 8/2/2010 5:23 PM
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Business Card Graphics Design I always come up with great ideas for graphics design.  Sometimes its a bit overboard and I have to scale it back a bit.  This time I came up with an idea for the ladies of Jael to put a holographic image behind the main content of a business card.  Sweet!  If only I could get the right mix of style and presentation. The card originally contained many more elements that I dropped off for the sake of presentation.  The final product is what you see here.  I've exaggerated the hologram for all monitors to be able to pick it up. Brilliant! ...

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Yesterday, I put the finishing touches on the flyer promoting Mary Carter Basketball League annual New Years tournament. I feel cold just looking at it.  Notice the subtle design inside the design.  The basketball court on ice... the glowing basketball in the sky representing the sun.  I had fun with this design. Graphics Design

He shoots! He scores! The website for Mary Carter Basketball League was completed to perfection. A perfect blend of professionalism with a small splash of color. This was a site redesign where the website owner's main goal was to have a more professional website. What was given to him was a much better site, improved navigation, and increased functionality. Web Design

Ad Graphics Design Ad design for Acai Berry Optimum is complete. This design contains many layers and elements and uses a deep purple backdrop to give it that true berry feel.

New logo design for Just Potent. Specs were to have the letters J and P and to encorporate a leaf someway. We came up with a few different color combinations, here you see the green.

Brochure Graphics Design

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Today, we completed the brochure design for Starling Mental Health Services. A fun design to work on. We wanted the design of this brochure to contain a lot of white space and we didn't want to over-it with the graphics.  The 2 graphics that we did include in this design contain a precise layering scheme whose main goal is to accentuate the content in the brochure.

Brochure Graphics Design Brochure Graphics Design ...

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Postcard Graphics Design Seattle Graphics Design The owner of Big Ocean Painting calls me and says he has a problem.  He needs clean, professional holiday postcards to mail out... No problem. And he needs them yesterday... Again, no problem. Quick, clean, crisp and beautiful.

We took inspiration from the design of the Big Ocean Painting website and added a couple more layers ... Then for the back we wanted the design to be clean and crisp so we kept the layers simple but meaningful. Lastly adding a touch of color for that holiday "feel".


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